Stanko Mraković

Co-Founder & CEO

Bogdan Simić

Co-Founder & CMO

Sara Burić

Chief Analytics Officer

Marko Nikačević

Chief Product Officer

Tadija Radivojević

Creative Director

Đorđe Stepanović

Performance Marketer

Stanko Mraković (Founder & Developer)

Started and is the leader of our company. He develops the main concept of our products, and is also responible for designing and branding colors, logo and the company name. He is responsible for conceiving, creating and building our business from scratch. He has a clear vision of every step the team needs to take in order to achieve the best results.

Founder plays an important role in shaping the culture of our organization. He sets the tone for how everybody should behave and act as the face of their company when interacting with customers or other stakeholders.

Bogdan Simić (IT & Electronics) 

Does all the calculations, projecting and realization of every component individually for the sake of better compactibility and efficiency of the product.

He produces technical drawings, works with graphic design, electronics, electrical engineering and engineering, but also handles the majority of the work related to the construction and integration of physical aspects of our product.

Tadija Radivojević (Marketing & Creative Director)

He is an advertising professional who is in charge of a company's advertising and marketing efforts. He plans out advertisements, monitors campaigns that use our company's assets for promotion purposes and revise presentations as needed along with shaping brand standards. 

Also he creates a marketing strategy by researching potential customers and how to suit their interests. He also monitors product pricing. The most suitable price should be determined in order for the company to maximize revenues while maximizing consumer pleasure.